Employee Theft Investigations

Professionals protect your assets and prevent losses.

  • More than 30 years of experience in employee theft investigations.
  • Will work with you to root out the perpetrators and prevent further losses.
  • Fully licensed and insured.

  • "We utilize the investigative services of Allied Business Solutions to perform business research and due diligence, as well as personal security matters. Investigators David Watts, Patrick Chase, and the rest of the professional ABS team are highly responsive, discreet, and experienced investigators. I would encourage anyone in the business community requiring investigative assistance to call upon Allied Business Solutions."
    "Chad" Lund, Vice President | Lund Capital Group, LLC

Businesses Experiencing Employee Theft New Jersey

Employee theft in New Jersey is on the rise. You cannot leave this type of investigation to the less experienced. Labor laws govern how and when employee theft investigation may be undertaken and it is foolish to try to handle it yourself. Allied Business Solutions, with more than thirty years of investigative experience, is familiar with this type of inquiry. ABS has helped large corporations, as well as small neighborhood businesses when employee theft threatens profits.

Employee Theft in New Jersey Brought about by Financial Stress

It's the times we live in. Blame it on the housing crisis, high unemployment, poor economic outlook or just plain negativity, financial stress is clearly evident in New Jersey. Employers are now, more than ever, at risk to suffer losses the result of employee dishonesty. When you suspect that your company is either at risk or, indeed, has experienced employee theft, you can call upon the experts. Allied Business Solutions will work with your senior staff, legal counsel and human resources to root out the perpetrators and prevent further losses.

Employee Theft in New Jersey May Not Need a Law Enforcement Answer

Allied Business Solutions seeks to solve your employee theft problem discreetly and without public embarrassment. While law enforcement does its job well; its goals are to investigate, arrest and convict wrongdoers. You are likely concerned about your company's public image and would rather avoid public attention to the matter. ABS will work to do just that. Our experience in such matters allows you to solve the problem and move on without bothersome complications.

Employee Theft in New Jersey Has Its Flags

Employee theft can be spotted if you stay alert. There are indicators that warrant a closer look:

  • Living beyond apparent means – unexplained new wealth
  • Family problems – divorce, illness, spousal job loss
  • Personality changes – depression, anger, malaise
  • Strong reluctance to work review by others
  • Becoming secretive

Allied Business Solutions has the ability to research many of these flags and either confirm or discount them as potential problems.

Employee Theft in New Jersey Handled by Professionals

Allied Business Solutions is ready and able to help you. ABS holds memberships in the American Society of Industrial Securityand the National Association of Legal Investigators. Better Business Bureau of New Jersey "A" rated, ABS is also a member of the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce. ABS is bonded, insured and licensed by the New Jersey State Police (609) 633-9352. Contact Allied Business Solutions when you suspect Employee Theft in New Jersey at: (908) 328-5114 or abs@alliedbizsolutions.com.