Fraud Investigations in New Jersey

Even "good people" slip into fraudulent behavior.

  • Trustworthy fraud investigations.
  • Over 30 years helping businesses combat fraud.
  • Active member of several professional organizations.

  • "We utilize the investigative services of Allied Business Solutions to perform business research and due diligence, as well as personal security matters. Investigators David Watts, Patrick Chase, and the rest of the professional ABS team are highly responsive, discreet, and experienced investigators. I would encourage anyone in the business community requiring investigative assistance to call upon Allied Business Solutions."
    "Chad" Lund, Vice President | Lund Capital Group, LLC

Personal integrity isn't measured in audits and no one walks around with a sign on his forehead that says, "I might steal from you!" So how can you keep dishonesty away from your doorstep? The simple answer is, "You can't." But you can do a lot to prevent it from crossing that threshold and entering your business. Internal controls are set up as obstacles to fraud, theft and embezzlement and usually act as substantial deterrence. But even internal controls can be circumvented with enough familiarity, creativity and perseverance. The key to defending your assets and profits is within your control. Mostly, it is in your own mindset. Understanding that even "good people" slip into fraudulent behavior given certain circumstances, is the first step in combating internal fraud. When you need a professional private investigator in New Jersey who specializes in fraud investigations, you need the services of Allied Business Solutions.

Professional Fraud Investigations in New Jersey

Choosing a private investigation company to address what you believe to be a fraud scheme in your business is an important decision. First, you want someone you can trust to handle this sensitive investigation. Experience, business acumen, and professionalism are important things to consider, as well. It is, however, your personal comfort level with the fraud investigator that ultimately determines your choice. David B. Watts, Principal Investigator at Allied Business Solutions, has been helping businesses just like yours combat fraud for over thirty years. Our client list includes some of New Jersey's Fortune 500 and their law firms, as well as smaller neighborhood-based businesses. Another mark of the true professional is organizational memberships. ABS holds active memberships in the following:

  • American Society of Industrial Security – ASIS International
  • National Association of Legal Investigators
  • Better Business Bureau of New Jersey – "A" rated
  • Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce

How to contact New Jersey's private investigator specializing in fraud

Allied Business Solutions is at your service: Tel No. (908) 328-5114 or email us at: You also might visit our website: and check out articles we have authored on the subject of Fraud. Remember, "Business" is our middle name and our motto is: "Getting the facts....that's what we do!"