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  • Private detective for businesses and law firms.
  • Over 30 years of experience.
  • Timely, professional results.

  • "Our business hired Dave Watts and his company, Allied Business Solutions, when our lawyer said we needed a private investigator. Mr. Watts obtained all the evidence we required to prove our case and did so promptly and within budget. Dave Watts is an experienced professional investigator and I found him easy to work with. He knows just how to handle the various legal issues in business investigations. I would certainly recommend him and his company to any business needing an investigation."
    Joseph Gammons, President | Office Furniture & Design Concepts, Inc.

For over thirty years Private Detective David B. Watts has been conducting business and legal investigations for law firms and their business clients in the Somerville, New Jersey Area and in other areas of New Jersey. Beginning as a city detective in Plainfield, New Jersey, then as a County Investigator in Union County, New Jersey, Investigator Watts then worked for a major insurance carrier before licensing by the New Jersey State Police as a private detective. This past experience served as a basis for an appreciation for both criminal and civil law. His company, Allied Business Solutions has conducted major investigations for many of New Jersey's Corporate 500, as well as inquiries for smaller neighborhood businesses.

Professional Private Detective in Somerville, New Jersey

Professional investigators know each other. Allied Business Solutions has formed and nurtured relationships with other private detectives in New Jersey and around the U.S. Memberships in the National Association of Legal Investigators and the American Society for Industrial Security provide invaluable out-of-area professional contacts when needed.

How to hire the right Private Detective in Somerville, New Jersey

There are seven guidelines to consider before hiring a private detective:

  • Confidentiality – Trust is essential. You must feel comfortable with sharing your concerns with the investigator. The professional investigator will set you at ease.
  • Familiarity with case type – Private Detectives work on many different kinds of cases. Be sure your prospective investigator has the knowhow to work your case.
  • References – Don't hesitate to research the investigator's reputation.
  • Licensing & Insurance – Inspect and check on the license. Get a Certificate of Insurance from the detective's liability and errors & omissions insurance company. Beware if he has no insurance!
  • Experience – Stay away from the novice.
  • Professional Associations – This is the mark of real professionals
  • Financial Arrangement – Should be clearly explained with return of unused retainer. Get email confirmation of your understanding of hourly rate and expenses anticipated.

Contacting a Private Detective in Somerville, New Jersey

Allied Business Solutions is ready to assist you with your investigative needs in the Somerville, New Jersey Area. Call (908) 328-5114 or Toll Free: (800) 950-4808. Our email is

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